Welcome to Gabel Associates

Gabel Associates is an energy, environmental and public utility consulting firm based in Highland Park, New Jersey. We dedicate our economic, marketplace, technical, regulatory, environmental and financial expertise and experience to provide valuable services to diverse clients, from energy users to generators, public utilities, and regulatory agencies. We have successfully assisted public and private sector clients in implementing strategic energy plans to reduce costs and enhance environmental quality.

Steven Gabel, the President of Gabel Associates, started the firm in 1993 with the goal of providing a wide range of economic, technical, regulatory and marketplace advice and analysis in the energy and environmental industries.

For almost 20 years we've provided quality energy consulting services and strategic insight to our clients. Our expertise ranges from large bulk power generation to single customer applications.

The firm possesses a unique combination of skills: an in-depth understanding of various energy marketplaces; extensive expertise in economic, environmental, and financial analysis; regulatory and policy knowledge; and, significant experience in renewable, energy efficiency, and traditional generation project evaluation and development.

We are also leaders in the clean energy industry, with extensive experience in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and environmental markets.