Energy Procurement

Hundreds of energy users trust Gabel Associates to manage electricity and natural gas procurement processes, benefitting from the firm’s proven techniques and refined management and market analysis skills.

For more than 15 years, Gabel Associates has been entrusted to support the procurement of electricity and natural gas supplies for commercial, industrial, and public sector clients.


Engagements range from aggregations of thousands of small to mid-sized accounts to procurement for single electric accounts consuming tens of millions of kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually.

Our services include:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Development of procurement strategies
  • Request for Bid (RFB) drafting
  • Interaction with third-party suppliers
  • Risk management
  • Bid and savings analysis
  • Energy forecasting and risk analysis
  • Contract terms negotiation
  • Dedicated customer service throughout the engagement

Gabel Associates has demonstrated the ability to manage large quantities of data and has hands-on experience in conducting large-scale and complex energy procurements. The firm is able to adroitly capture market timing opportunities and to rigorously model markets, pricing, and risk. The firm possesses unique skills and experience, including:

    • Extensive involvement at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and with legislative activities that affect procurement programs. Firm principals Steven Gabel and Robert Chilton each have over 30 years of energy experience and played a direct role in structuring the Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act (EDECA), the law that provided for retail competition in New Jersey


    • Development of the first electronic energy purchasing program approved by the State of New Jersey, allowing energy providers to efficiently bid for contracts online and further reduce procurement costs


    • Incorporation of voluntary renewable energy products that permit our clients to enhance their ‘green energy’ leadership position while achieving impressive energy cost savings


    • Thorough understanding of public bidding procedures and the ability to conform to its bidding requirements


    • Approved Electronic Data Interface (EDI), which allows us to electronically collect customer usage data and efficiently prepare bids for energy supply


    • Deep expertise with utility tariffs, including related modeling, energy savings analysis and forecasting


    • A customer care team with proven expertise, commitment and skills to understand and take rapid action to resolve issues as they arise


  • Active interaction and communication with competitive energy suppliers and an in-depth understanding of their operations, allowing the firm to structure procurement programs that are in line with marketplace needs

The firm’s first public sector client was the Alliance for Competitive Energy Services (ACES), which aggregates energy procurement for New Jersey’s school districts, reducing district expenses through bulk energy purchasing. Gabel Associates initiated its first electricity supply procurement for ACES members in 1999, shortly after the passage of the New Jersey’s deregulation law. ACES currently includes over 430 New Jersey school districts, with close to 6,000 individual accounts, making it the largest single energy aggregation group in the State of New Jersey. This groundbreaking program has successfully saved its members over $200 million.

We also support many other long-standing clients including the State of New Jersey, the New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority, the New Jersey Prudential Center, over 185 municipalities and counties, numerous sewerage authorities, and a wide range of industrial and commercial customers.

With its in-depth knowledge of renewable energy markets, Gabel Associates also has the ability to develop specific renewable energy products and enhanced renewable content in electricity procurement that allow our clients to enhance their sustainable leadership while still achieving impressive energy cost savings. These programs also afford clients with the opportunity to achieve recognition through the achievement of Sustainable Jersey points.

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