School District of the Chathams


School District of the Chathams (Morris County, New Jersey)


To reduce energy costs to the School District of the Chathams through the financing and installation of energy efficiency measures through New Jersey’s Energy Savings Improvement Program, and provide related third-party review services


Through the ACESplus program (an energy services program sponsored by the New Jersey School Boards Association and the New Jersey Association of School Administrators), Gabel Associates collaborated with the School District of the Chathams (Chatham) to implement a district-wide Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP). ESIP rules allow public agencies to realize the benefits of energy efficiency measures. The project is financed through the value of energy savings that result from energy improvements and upgrades.

Gabel Associates managed a competitive solicitation process to select an Energy Service Company (ESCO) to implement energy conservation measures (ECMs). Based on a comprehensive evaluation report prepared by Gabel Associates, Chatham approved a project with 20 ECMs that resulted in a 1 million+ kWh reduction and 100,000+ therm reduction. The project cost was estimated to total $4.3 million, while energy savings were projected to exceed $6.3 million over the 15-year ESIP term.

Chatham re-engaged Gabel Associates to perform an independent third party review of the project to verify the savings calculations and methodology.

Gabel Associates has been retained by other public agencies to implement ESIPs across the state.

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