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Gabel Associates has a long history of helping wholesale power generators improve their positions with rigorous market and risk analysis and deep understanding of RTO issues. The firm provides generation project development services, interconnection support activities, strategic planning capabilities, and commercial transaction support.

Gabel Associates understands the complexities of the wholesale power generation market and can serve as a trusted advisor on project development, analytical, and transactional matters.

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Our project development services begin with price and market forecasts, technical evaluations, and expert economic analysis, which allows our clients to make informed decisions about their generation initiatives. Our investment grade forecasting includes market price simulation capabilities for all of North America.


Gabel Associates’ project development expertise is supported by our active involvement in the development of tariffs and policy at Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs). We provide market advice and modeling of the impacts associated with evolving energy and capacity market rules.


Gabel Associates also uses its proprietary Analytical Likelihood of Availability and Non-Performance Risk (ALAN) model to compute the risk exposure of capacity resources within the PJM and ISO-NE footprints. ALAN uses resource outage data and expected performance assessment event information to determine the probable coincidence of outages and performance assessment events.

Our market analysis and transaction support services identify, evaluate, and implement the most advantageous opportunities for our clients to sell their energy and environmental products. We handle contract negotiation and sales, working to achieve advantageous terms that protect and generate profits for our clients.

Gabel Associates has also negotiated the restructuring of long-term power purchase contracts for many of its generation clients and marketed their available energy and capacity. We renegotiated and won regulatory approval for 11 of 13 long-term power purchase agreements following the restructuring of New Jersey’s energy industry.

Our long standing experience is evidenced by our role as the lead consultant to the Independent Energy Producers of New Jersey (IEPNJ) for over 20 years. IEPNJ is the trade association that represents New Jersey’s wholesale power generation industry. IEPNJ members include over 80% of the generating capacity in the state (over 12,000 MW and more than 20 power assets). We evaluate major economic and environmental initiatives being considered by the New Jersey legislative and executive branches and help to develop approaches that recognize market realities and policy developments.

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We have helped our clients understand the impact of the Clean Air Act and carbon requirements, and assisted them with NOx cap and trade issues, Ozone Transport Commission directives, and mercury regulation compliance.

Gabel Associates is currently analyzing and assisting in the development of implementation approaches for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan (CPP). Although the rule was stayed in February 2016 by the Supreme Court, CPP has the potential to apply a substantial set of new environmental regulations for large fossil generating facilities throughout the United States to achieve CO2 reductions. The firm has evaluated the complex rules to understand and model their impact on wholesale power generators, and to help generators determine their positions relative to state-level implementation. The firm has also worked extensively on Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) issues on behalf of generators.

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