Project Facilitation Services

Due to Gabel Associates’ familiarity with project installation activities, the firm is able to serve as a knowledgeable client representative and advocate during the construction phase of energy projects.

Gabel Associates serves as liaison with the developer and construction team – acting as the “eyes and ears” of the client to support effective project implementation based on our experience with industry practice.  The firm provides on-site client support and advocacy from project start through the commencement of commercial operation.

Project facilitation services include:

  • Organize kick-off and pre-construction meetings;
  • Facilitate discussions on drawings prior to submission for permits;
  • Coordinate ongoing status review meetings, typically weekly during construction (or more frequently if needed), with relevant contractors and project participants;
  • Conduct site visits throughout construction (typically on a weekly basis);
  • Provide written progress reports (as frequently as project activity dictates, but typically weekly during the physical construction phase);
  • Facilitate the resolution of any issues that arise;
  • Monitor the developer and its effort to achieve final testing, acceptance approval, and commercial operation of the project, and;
  • Monitor close-out activities.

Our firm is dedicated to ensuring that the progress of project development is smooth and timely, assuring that client interests are well represented throughout the process, and working to minimize disruptions to other on-site activities.  This liaison role gives our clients confidence, protection, and security during project construction.

Please note that Gabel Associates is not responsible for project design or project management.  Gabel Associates monitors and reports on the installation activities on behalf of the client, but it does not manage the construction project.  The on-site contractors hired to construct the project are solely responsible for the project’s time, cost and quality.  Similarly, the engineers and/or other licensed professionals who are hired to prepare project drawings are solely responsible for the project design.

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