Government Energy Aggregation

In 2012, New Jersey’s first Government Energy Aggregation (GEA) program began to operate in Plumstead Township, allowing residential electricity customers to save money through the aggregation of their electricity bills into a single bid. Gabel Associates was instrumental in the development of this pioneering, municipality-wide procurement program, and has since established itself as the lead GEA consultant in the state by offering a combination of unparalleled energy market expertise and attentive customer service. To date, the firm has successfully implemented ten GEA programs in New Jersey.

Through a GEA program, a municipality reduces its residents’ energy bills by aggregating the residents into a single bid, and procuring a third-party energy supplier to provide energy at a cost below utility-provided generation service. GEAs provide residential customers with contract and term protections not afforded when they procure energy on their own. Residents have the flexibility to opt out of the program at any time with no penalties or fees.

Our Unmatched GEA Capabilities

Gabel Associates has one-of-a-kind expertise in the effective implementation of GEA programs that maximize benefits to consumers, and has supported the largest number GEA programs in New Jersey. The firm currently serves as the GEA energy agent for 17 municipalities serving over 520,000 residents.


The firm utilizes proven and comprehensive outreach and marketing techniques that fully and effectively disseminate information to targeted communities. We work diligently to understand the unique dynamics within each population to ensure that our marketing efforts are well received and easily assessed by all residents.

Gabel Associates offers refined customer service and education to ensure that resident concerns are answered promptly and fully resolved. This includes the use of a designated Program Administrator (along with a team of trained representatives) that expeditiously responds to and logs all customer inquiries and public education concerns. Our team is committed to facilitating resident calls within 24 hours of receipt, with most answered on the same day.

Gabel Associates has been trusted by municipalities to manage all aspects of their GEA program, including many that have embarked on multiple rounds of bidding to extend the benefits of the program. This activity requires significant customer service and logistical skills to manage large volumes of data and interact with residents, as well as strong technical and analytical knowledge to achieve significant cost savings within a stringent regulatory framework.

Gabel Associates developed the first GEA program documents to be reviewed and approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) and Rate Counsel. This included the negotiation and execution of an EDC agreement with the applicable utility, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

In response to growing environmental concerns, we developed the first GEA program in the New Jersey to offer residents the option of a 100% renewable energy component. The firm has had direct involvement in the development of the state’s renewable portfolio standard and has been actively involved in renewable certificate purchasing, which enables us to efficiently design program elements with enhanced renewable content.

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