Regional Transmission Organization Representation


Numerous private sector clients with wholesale power assets


To ensure that wholesale power generators are fully informed about evolving and complex wholesale market rules and requirements; to advocate for policy and tariff enhancements at the Regional Transmission Organizations and FERC; and to provide customized reports and analysis to our clients


Gabel Associates provides monthly advisory services and representation at Regional Transmission Organization (RTOs) for clients that own various types of assets. Our clients include entities with existing and planned generation, load, storage, and transmission positions. Our role includes active monitoring of RTO activities and committees so that our clients remain well-informed about material emerging issues and market changes. Further, Gabel Associates advocates on behalf of client positions at the various RTO committee levels with respect to any proposed changes in market rules. This service allows our clients to make sound business decisions around investments and asset management issues. Through our “early warning system”, clients are aware of market changes in advance, allowing them to take a proactive and strategic approach to important issues.

The firm provides customized reports that analyze the specific impact on each client to help ensure its competitive market position is protected and enhanced.

As an outgrowth of these RTO representation services, Gabel Associates has been engaged by many of its wholesale generator clients to perform generation project or generation asset portfolio-specific analyses, including risk assessments, interconnection applications, forecasts, and the formation of bidding strategies in connection with capacity and energy auctions.

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