Plumsted Community Energy Aggregation Program


Plumsted Township (Ocean County, New Jersey)


To successfully implement New Jersey’s first Community Energy Aggregation program that reduces residents’ electric bills, provides extra consumer protections, and serves as a model for adoption by other municipalities


Gabel Associates has worked closely with Plumsted Township to develop and implement three concurrent Community Energy Aggregation (CEA) programs to achieve energy savings for Plumsted residents. The first program, awarded in October 2012, was the first successful CEA program completed in the State. This groundbreaking program has led the way for subsequent programs in New Jersey, including nine other programs implemented by Gabel Associates.

Through the CEA program, Plumsted is reducing its residents’ energy bills by aggregating them into one bid and procuring a competitive, cost-saving electric rate for program participants that is below the price of utility-supplied service. Residents enjoy lower electric bills and strong contract protections.

Gabel Associates is responsible for managing all phases of the CEA Program including: outreach and education; bid administration; interaction with regulatory agencies; bid analysis and supplier recommendations; and refined customer service throughout the contract term. We work closely with Township residents to ensure that all issues and concerns are handled with the utmost care.

Gabel Associates has successfully completed the most CEA programs in New Jersey — ten programs on behalf of twelve municipalities. To date, our programs have delivered an estimated $35 million in energy savings to New Jersey residents.

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