ChargEVC (Electric Vehicle Coalition)




To provide management and analytical support to the ChargEVC coalition, foster the development of sustainable and accelerated electric vehicle market growth, and develop and implement practical and proactive programs and policies.


ChargEVC is a not-for-profit trade and research organization comprised of a community of stakeholders to promote electric vehicle (EV) use.  ChargEVC brings together various groups that are impacted by EV penetration, leading to a coalition of diverse interests that strives to help guide sustainable and balanced EV growth. ChargEVC members include utilities, automobile dealers, labor, environmental advocates, consumer and community advocates, technology companies, and manufacturers.

ChargEVC’s focus includes outreach and collaboration with policy makers to develop policies that address barriers to EV adoption, and improve accessibility to EV charging infrastructure.  The work of ChargEVC is organized on a state by state basis, as ChargEVC focuses on legislative and regulatory changes to best leverage the particular set of resources of a given state.  Although the current focus of ChargEVC is on New Jersey, efforts to expand into other states are also underway.

Gabel Associates is providing organizational support, research, and analysis for the coalition. The firm is providing foundational research to help identify market development scenarios, quantify costs and benefits, and outline optimal programs and policies to foster EV growth in New Jersey.

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